Boortz today looks at the Guckert story and notes:

For some reason, spurred on by leftist blogs, the mainstream media is trying to keep this story going as long as possible.  The reason, of course, being that it’s bad for Bush.  Remember the template.

“The Template” of course is, if it makes Republicans look bad it gets run.  If it makes democrats look bad, it gets buried. Boortz demonstrates this clearly:

“And so now the latest is that Mr. Guckert had a previous life as a gay prostitute.  This was before he got into journalism.  But wait?  Didn’t we read something several years ago about some gay prostitute using Barney Frank’s home as a base of operations?  Why yes!  I think there was such a story!  And just why didn’t that story grow legs like the Gannon bit?  Well, you don’t think it had anything to do with the fact that Frank is a liberal Democrat, do you? “