No, I didn’t watch the Grammy awards last night. Not that, with the various things going on right now I could have, in any event, but I must tell you that I wouldn’t have been even remotely interested. Not even close.

Now, keep in mind… this is someone who was in Radio for 15 years and in Music in general for 10 year longer than that.  I have a music collection that would dwarf that of just about any of you… I have, at last count, around 27,000 vinyl LP’s a couple hundred thousand singles (Yes, you’d call them 45’s) and a few thousand CD’s.  So, music, I know. Music, I’m interested in.

The reason for my studied disinterest in last night’s awards show has nothing to do with Music. Then again, neither does the awards show of late. What these people are turning out anymore, for the most part can be found in lesser amounts on any stable floor.
It ain’t music. 

Is there a way I can make that clearer for you?

And by the way, I’m not alone. The numbers I see being reported in the trades I read suggest that the number of those watching the awards show was the lowest they’ve had in nearly a decade. … by my own quick math, that means around a 27% drop from last year in viewer numbers.

If there’s one thing that does surprise in all of this, it’s that the numbers weren’t a great deal lower than they were.