Does a blogosphere frenzy that helps bring down a CNN news exec for a comment he made mean free speech is in peril? Nope. It’s exploding, saysBusiness Week. Choice snips:

” It’s all too easy to imagine that the spread of technology is chilling America’s tradition of free speech.”……..

In truth, blogging represents an explosion of free speech. While blogs certainly empower lynch mobs, they can also lead to long and open conversations, virtual town meetings. These are the greatest antidote to censorship and secrecy. The Jordan case gave birth to loads of such discussions.

One quibble, and I think it a major one: It’s unclear to me how Bloggers evolved in these minds into a lynch mob.  After all, a lynch mob operates without any external input… and Blogs for whatever else they represent, are at the root, themselves, external input… and the amounts of input are expanding by the day.