It’s so unusual for the local fishwrapper… the Democrat and Chronicle.. (Know hereabouts as the Chronic Democrat) to get something right, that I stopped taking the paper over 10 years ago and never regretted it.

But, You Big Mouth, You! apparently still checiks their website now and again. And they seemingly have caught on that there’s something to this thing with a buch of pajama-clad people with computers…

Just how fast-moving is our world? Well, online “bloggers,” or writers of Web logs or diaries, are gaining serious clout in the mass-media vortex before many Americans even know what or who the heck they are.

What they are, by and large, are informed, opinionated, often thoughtful, sometimes outrageous observers of the provinces of politics and journalism. Comfortable pooh-bahs from those lands aren’t used to the scrutiny of a skeptical public with access to an enormous communication engine, which is a PC hooked to the Web. They had best get used to it.

Well now… a few years of bloggers, and several people losing their jobs due to teh scrutiny created by these Pajama People… only gotta hit these guys upside the head with that 2*4 a few times to get their attention…. (Snicker)

Good catch, Chuck.