You may not have noticed… There’s a picture of a van along the right-side column in my static links. It’s new… I just put it up the last day or so. It’s for a CarDomain site I’ve had for a few months, now, dedicated to my custom van.

Summer isn’t all that far away, and with it comes the new additions I plan for it. I’ll be keeping the page on my labor of love updated with both photos and verbage as I go though adding the new stuff.

You may well ask… Why a van?

Well, you’re right, it wasn’t my first choice, either. When I bought my first van several years ago, I traded in my red Firebird for it. Annoyed me no end.

But with two boys… And my wife and I both being 6ft’ers… plus our family vices being camping and traveling, a van was called for. And I figure what the heck.. if I’m had to trade my little red sportscar for a schoolbus, I’m gonna have FUN with it.  Look at the options list and the projects I’ve already done and what I plan and you can see I’m doing just that.

After having a 95 Astro conversion for a few years, I decided to upgrade… top of the line across the board… in the Astro/Safari frame. and I got the one pictured.

I like the idea that the platform isn’t the full-sized rig… Gas milage is better than the bigger rig and the towcap is big enough for us… plus it’s a blast to drive. It’s a great match for us.

Ticks off the enviro-wackos no end, but I guess frankly, that’s part of the fun.
And when I tell them that I’m getting 21mpg with it, they blow a fuse.  They’re expecting 10-15mpg overall. There is nothing quite so entertaining as someone being forced to reconsider their position… and that’s somehting that happens frequently with this thing.

Enough. Run down the right side a bit and click on the van pic, and enjoy.
Might look around in the listings of other vehicles, too.. some really wild stuff there.