Yes, gang, I did note that a few of you took me to task for not mentioning the passing of Arthur Miller the other day.

I’ll be honest, here; I actually had a few drafts up, but never posted them… I was struggling a bit with it; I wasn’t sure how to put into words what I was thinking… I was distinctly uncomfortable with putting any kind of ‘attaboy’ in these spaces for the man’s work.

I’ve always been less than happy about the way educators pushed this idiot as some kind of bloody genius. I suppose I looked at his stuff as a well-written morality play, along the lines of what one might find in Maoist China as offiical entertainment. (The kind of morlaity, of course that only a communist would find valid.)

Colby Cosh says it well….

When I think about the man who wrote plays about how capitalism thwarts human aspirations, and then got married to Marilyn Monroe, I’m afraid about all I can do is giggle.”

Yeah, well, you wouldn’t want the moraity he preaches to actually APPLY to him, would ya?

Tip of Bit’s Ballcap to Billy Beck.