With the situation with my mother in law, we have decided it’s time to get the dog dealt with.

We’d just as soon not have the dog put down… we’ve got one tragedy in the making, and would rather not make it two.

So, free to a good home… a 7 year old Beagle Mix, male.
Freindly, house trained, all the shots etc.
Answers to “George”.

He’s had a run-in with a truck some years before my mother in-law got him, and so his tail doesn’t work…. some nerve damage. As a result his body language is a little off, though it doesn’t seem to bother him much otherwise.

He’s free to a good home… and if you’re within a drivable distance to Rochester, NY, (Say, 600 miles or so) I’ll even drive him up to you.

Mail to: [email protected]