John Kerry says we shouldn’t over-hype the vote in Iraq. John Kerry questions the legitimacy of the Iraqi elections, because not everyone turned out.

“”I’m afraid there were some areas where the turnout is extremely low, and that’s the Sunni Triangle areas or parts thereof,” he said. “And that’s the challenge that we now face.

Whatever….. Fine, John, let’s deal with it as you suggest. Let’s not over hype it. Let’s pass along the unvarnish truth.

The Iraqi voter turnout was reported today to be between 60 and 72%, if we look at the spread of the reports I’m getting here at Casa De Bit.  These voters were under terrorist threat of beheading, of kidnapping, and murder, if they took part in these elections. They showed up at a rate far exceeding that of our own elections here in the US, where one presumes no such threats are happening… outside Democrat voting districts. 

Example, the most recent election. a hotly contested one… the turnout averages nationwide were at about 52%… the biggest turnout in many years.

Despite this high turnout in this Iraqi election, John Kerry has problems with the legitimacy of it.

In the most recent election in which John Kerry was re-elected, the turnout in his state was at about 42%. Since that’s the case, will John Kerry now aver that the election which saw him being put into office, has problems of legitimacy? Will he go so far as to give up his Senate Seat, I wonder?

OK, clearly Kerry’s not going to do anything of the sort.  This is dancing around on the part of Kerry. Kerry’s not alone, however.
The Democrats tonight, and for much of the day… and for the forseeable future, one supposes, are trying everything they can think of to mute the overwhelming success that this election in Iraq represents. Because they now know the awkward position that their unreasoning objection to Mr. Bush has gotten them into. They are now in the position of working tooth and nail against the biggest victory for freedom in many generations. This is a bad situation they’re not going to be able to work their way out of in the minds of the American voting public anytime soon.

Personally, I’m enjoying seening the Democrats squirm uncomfortably nearly as much as I enjoy seeing the smiling Iraqi faces on this memorable day.