Billy Beck this morning notes a quote from Mike Siverman; who gets the question of Saddam and WMD as close as no matter.

I quote it in full here because at the moment, Cold Fury is offline… bandwidth.

WMDs were by no means the only reason to remove Saddam. Saddam was an avowed enemy of this country. He called for our destruction many, many times. He aided and abetted Islamic terrorists of every warp and woof. He built the Salman Pak terrorist training camp. He provided safe harbor to terrorist killers like Abu Nidal and others. He encouraged the murderous depredations of Palestinian suicide bombers by rewarding their surviving family members with large cash payments which morally amounted to a bounty on the heads of innocent Israeli civilians. He attempted to assassinate a former US President, and just because it happened to be one you on the Left do not like does not mean that we as a nation can afford to ignore it. He attempted many, many times over the course of more than a decade to shoot down American aircraft engaged in a legitimate and UN-approved mission.

Just because you on the Left don’t like the military any more than you like the aforementioned US President doesn’t mean that we as a nation can afford to ignore that. It’s one thing to ignore a ruthless, bloodthirsty, and out-of-control tyrant like Saddam on 9/10/01; it’s another thing entirely to do so on 9/12.

You on the Left are not seriously concerned about the defense of this nation, its citizens, and its military personnel. You are dead wrong, and you do not deserve to be taken seriously.”

These words take on particular weight in light of the success of the elections just held.