Chuck, over at You Big Mouth, You! has a good breakdown of a bus-truck accident that occurred just down I-390 over the weekend in the quiet little town of Geneseo. He’s got some pics, as well.

One thing Chuck has no way to know as of the time he wrote the excellent bit, was that the driver it appears, was over-tired. The chatter I’m now hearing of the investigation, suggests that the driver picked up the bus in Hamilton, Ontario a little after 12 midnight the night before the accident.

The accident occurred at nearly 5pm the next day. This would be about twice the amount of on-duty time that the law allows.

Nor is this the first accident of the like, involving this bus company. (Though admittedly, the most recent previous acidentw as in the American arm of the company) Here’s the NTSB report of that accident in nearby Victor.. which also involved too many hours behind the wheel.

Ya gotta wonder how many of these it takes to get some serious logbook enforcement.