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UN Staffers Take “no Confidence ” Vote


UN employees were readying on Friday to make a historic vote of no confidence in scandal-plagued Secretary General Kofi Annan, sources told AFP.

The UN staff union, in what officials said was the first vote of its kind in the more than 50-year history of the United Nations, was set to approve a resolution withdrawing its support for the embattled Annan and UN management.

In reading this linked story, one begins to understand just what it is we’re up against. This staff revolt shows us quite clearly what’s going on in the UN, and raises some issues that ahve been long simmering as regards he US’s actions in the middle east.

Tell me, you critics of President Bush, who think we should sacrafice our nation on the altar of the UN:

If you know the UN is corrupt, how do you react when a 9/11 comes along?

Seems to me you react just as President Bush has; You repeatedly call on the UN to act, and when they don’t, you expose the corruption, in so doing you give a pretty fair indication of why they didn’t act. 

Meanwhile you take on the task of cleaning up the mess the UN corruption left behind.

Which is what we’re doing in Iraq at he moment.

Why didn’t the president just tell us all this?
Well, that’s rather simple; do you suppose anyone would have taken his word for it? No, better to take action and let the people figure it out by themselves and through the inevitable Congressional investigation.