Boortz, today:

“So anyway, a study was done at Harvard (of all places,) and guess what? A study by Associate Professor of Public Policy Alberto Abadie at the John F. Kennedy School of Government found that terrorist violence wasn’t caused by poverty, but instead was determined by a country’s level of political freedom. In other words, oppression causes terrorism, not poverty.

If that’s the case, then what’s the best way to fight terrorism? Well …. duh …. it would be by spreading freedom. Which is exactly what we are doing with the War on Terror. Spreading freedom and liberty in Iraq and Afghanistan gives terrorists two less places to go, thus reducing terrorism

By the way, ever notice that in the last twenty years, all terrorists seem to come from countries where Islam is the dominant religion?”


But, I notice this report isn’t in the mainstream press. If someone comes up with a link, other than Boortz for this story, post it in the comments.