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Do You Recall What Happened the Last Time We Heard ‘tax Breaks for the Middle Class’ From a Democrat?

Mickey Kaus points out that

Kerry’s no-tax-increase-for-people-making-less-than-$200,000 pledge on Friday was more significant, in terms of boxing Kerry in should he win, than has been reflected in the press coverage. USAT’s Walter Shapiro points this out:

“Now that the Democratic nominee is so locked in, every discussion of the budget deficit, tax reform, Social Security or Medicare in a Kerry White House will pivot around the pledge.”

What these guys seem to forget is the linkage to Bill Clinton. About half of Kerry’s hand-picked staff is Bill Clinton alums, so I’m amazed nobody’s made this connection.

I mean, let’s go back to 1992. Bill Clinton has just spent nearly a year promising tax breaks. Remember what happned? Before the echo from his taking the oath of office had died, the tax breaks for the middle class…. tax breaks significantly like what John Kerry is promising today, suddenly were dead meat. Remember the whine we heard? “I tried, I realy did”…  Remember? His seat wasn’t warm yet, before his tax breaks pledge was revealed as a lie.

Explain to me how we can trust John Kerry any more with these promises than we could with Bill Clinton.