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Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Democrats expressing their true feelings:

These are the supporters of John Kerry. Like what you see?

Drudge just got on this. Hobbs has been on it for three days, now.

Update/Passing thought:

There is something about the mindset of a group of people who claim to be al sweetness, light and love, who come up with this kind of boiler sludge.

It’s the same kind of mind who will claim that one’s sex life shouldn’t matter, and then make it a national wedge issue, as they did with Cheney’s daughter.

It’s the same kind of mind who will send out memoes to it’s field operatives as has been noted in Drudge today, stating that said operatives should claim voter intimidation even when there is none.

It’s the same kind of mentality that will claim that the Presdient is responsible for a massive job loss, when in fact we are as this is written, at record levels of employment.

File them all under “People I’d not buy a used anvil from”.
File them all under “Democrat”.