So I’m watching the BoSox beat up on the Yankees last night, and an amazing thing happens… The Yankees cheat… Nothing new here… But then the umpires actually have the testicular mass to call them on it. Not that they didn’t make a couple bad calls that fell out in the Yankees favor, too… but that they called the Yankees on stuff they got wrong at all is the amazing part; they never do… and I’ve opend up a new one for MLB on that point several times.

Of particular note was toward the end of the game… Yankee hitter clips a roller out halfway to the mound, and takes off. The pitcher, for his part responds by doing what any picther SHOULD do…picking up the ball and running over to tag the runner near first. The runner, Rodriguez I think his name was, responds by hitting the pitchers arm so hard so as to knock the ball AND the glove out of the pitcher’s hand.  The other runner on the bases at the time as a result of this action Cairo (?) scores.

Now with any other team, the runner is out, and the run doesn’t count, no question. It’s an obstruction call, plain and simple.

Not so with the Yankees.  They argue and bitch and scream, and the fans start throwing all kinds of junque onto the field, including baseballs. Sox respond by removing their players from the field, for fear of incoming attacks. The Police respond by placing riot- geared cops all around the stadium’s front rows. I can’t help but wonder if the security around the Stadium won’t be even larger tonight.

And I got to thinking; Gee, looks like a group of Democrats to me.

Think about the parallels. Democrats tried to cheat their way into the last election, and got caught… then they threw a hissy fit, and started threatening anyone who gets in the way of what they want, with things that are not only outside the norm, but criminal in nature… requiring extra protection for the voters on the next go round. They’re even threatening legal action based on nothing at all. Sound like a baseball team you know? Sound like their fans?

Then it occurred to me; New York City tends to vote Democrat, don’t they?

And it all started making sense.