Gonna be a WILD series.

NLCS; Going to game 7… on a walk-off HR? Wow. Been a long time since that happened. No favorite there, though I suspect Houston will do a batter job against Boston.

ALCS; Is it just me, or does the Yankee’s Pitcher Kevin Brown look like a young Chrstopher Lloyd? Put a little extra hair on that boy, and you’ve got Rev. Jim, pondering the meaning of a yellow light….

Nice to see the BoSox out to a 6 to nada lead so early in the game. Be nicer if they can hang onto it.

Ok, just now 6 to 1. (Shrug)

UPDATE: The BoSox are going to the World Series.
Does my heart good to see the Yankees going down in flames.
Particualrly on their home turf.