This is the document CBS claims is genuine.
It’s not. (drill the document to get the full size pic.)
This is actually a screencap of a PDF from the CBS website. I can post the original PDF, but I though you might like a standard issue JPG better.

Note the use of the subscript.(“th”) Note also the use of a variable width font. Neither of these was available in any typewriter in 1972. The Font is New Times Roman, which is a standard font for installations of WINWORD.

One of two things is going on here:

  • CBS’s staff lied and knew it.
  • CBS was duped.
  • The document forgeries are so laughably bad, there’s no other option, here. There’s no way around this one… CBS News did not do even the most cursory of investigations on this document. They passed the lot of them off as factual without checking.

    Why? I submit they did so because the story the documents told fit into an idea that CBS has been working on selling the American people for over 5 years now… that President Bush lied to the American people about his military service. In doing so, CBS became the liar. And heads need to roll at CBS… starting with Dan Rather.


    Matt Drudge is now reporting that CBS is doing what he terms an ‘internal investigation’…  The people he talks with are very contrite in their wording saying that if Rather has to issue the correction himself, he will.

    Big hairy friggin’ deal.

    Personally, I figure the correction’s a nice start, but it shouldn’t be the end of this story. There should be a federal level criminal investigation into CBS news.  Isn’t trying to throw an election a federal crime? Clearly, that’s what was being attempted here.

    As to my take on who is responsible, and what needs doing… Let’s go with the obvious… Dan Rather.

    Rather’s been listing to port since the day he came on CBS as a beat reporter, and it has always showed in his product. The fish rots from the head down. Rather runs the show at CBS, and it’s his signiture at the bottom of his on-air copy. Where does the buck stop for his stories?

    As such, I want Rather out. No retirement money, no gold watch… just a stripy uniform to wear for the remainder of his overly long life. I doubt he’ll get it, but this is what the man deserves.

    And leftists who think this response over the top; consider, please what kind of response you’d be spouting had someone used this kind of forgery against Kerry. You KNOW how THAT would play out. It would make my response to it all seem positively tepid, by comparison. I don’t take kindly to not one, but two attempts at stealing an election by the left and the leftist freindly press. 2000 was the first, this is the second time.