Broken Masterpieces notes a quote from former Mayor Ed Koch who is backing Predient Bush in this eelction, and not John Kerry. Says Koch

“I do not agree with him on any major domestic issue,” Koch wrote, “from tax policy to the recently enacted prescription drug law. These issues, however, pale in importance beside the menace of international terrorism, which threatens our very survival as a nation. President Bush has earned my vote because he has shown the resolve and courage necessary to wage the war against terrorism.”

Broken Masterpieces responds with:

“Again, this is what the election is all about; Ed Koch gets it, Ron Silver gets it and Zell Miller gets it.”

True. Thing is, though, I think Most Democrats get it. Trouble is, getting them past the knee-jery party loyalty to ADMIT IT, and act accordingly. That takes stones… and frankly I wonder if most Democrats have them, sometimes… enough at least for this purpose.