Yes, I know… I haven’t said anything at all about the latest See BS lie… the bit with the Draft.
Boortz does, today, however. :

“You would think that with all of the heat CBS is getting over their bogus forged-documents story, they would have the sense to not do it again. You would be wrong. Unbelievably, CBS News is once again serving their masters at the Democratic Party in a very obvious way. Here’s the latest.

CBS ran a story about the possibility of the draft returning. The only problem? There is zero chance of the draft returning. The only people that have brought it up are Democrats who are trying to invent a mythical issue to bash President Bush with. Anyone who says the draft might return is lying. There will be no return of the draft. The administration, the Pentagon…all have said it clearly: no draft.”

Bill at INDC got off an interview with Richard Schlesinger of See BS, who coughed up some answer that were lame enough to make Tiny Tim look like a Break Dancer. (By the way, Good Job, Bill…)

The NY Post this morning notes that

“What Rather & Co. did not tell their viewers is that she is an activist ? the head of the Pennsylvania chapter of People Against the Draft, an allegedly bipartisan group that opposes not only the draft but also the war in Iraq, arguing for a “peaceful, rational foreign policy.”

CBS also didn’t tell us that Cocco’s self-styled crusade was prompted, as she has publicly admitted, by a widely discredited e-mail campaign. “

Look, if they’re non-partisan, I’ll eat my keyboard. I will damned well guarantee you that their funding is coming directly from George Soros. Think; Why is it they simply spring into existence NOW?

At any rate, the article goes on to point out that John Kerry himself has charged that Bush would start the draft again. So did Kerry’s dimwitted lap dog, Max Cleland.  There seems a rather obviously coordinated effort here, to spread this lie. It seems clear, too that as the Post suggests this morning… that See BS is part of the plan… where they help spread this lie when…

…”Dan Rather runs with what amounts to an unpaid ad for the Kerry-Edwards ticket.

Is he a moron, incapable of learning anything from the forged-memo fiasco?

Or just a Democratic shill? “

So tell me again, who is lying to the American people.