Mount Morris, NY—(Palm Pilot)– We’re actually just outside Mt. Morris as this is written, inside Letchworth State park, just off the Mt. Morris end of the park. Letchworth Park is named for William Pryor Letchworth who bought much of the land in the Nineteenth Century, for the purposes of keeping it wild. Mt. Morris, is named for Robert Morris, who once owned huge tracts of land in this area.

This is an area of the country that is known as the ‘Grand Canyon of the East’. A look at the picture, here and you know why. It’s only about 40 miles or so out of Rochester. I’ve brought my family to take in some of the sights. The wildlife is in some abundance, here.  There’s camping both in and around this park, and we’ve done this a few times over the years.

The Genesee River is here also. This is the river that the whole Genesee Valley springs from. The river starts up in the Allegheny Mountains of Northern PA No more than about 10 miles south of the NY state border, and runs north, toward Lake Ontario… one of the few rivers north of the Equator to flow north. That’s it at the bottom of the picture, here. It’s what caused the canyon walls you see. Rafting down this stretch of river is a popular pastime, here, and a few touring companies make some fairly decent bucks taking people downriver. This is the country that Arch Merril wrote about. Merril was a favorite author of my father.  Hotair ballooning over the gorge is also popular, and on any given evening, one can see a balloon or two over the river gorge. The river as it moves through the park, also sets up several waterfalls.This is one of the bigger ones. The bridge you see above the falls in this pic are the old Lehigh Valley railroad, until recently owned by Conrail, and more recently by the Norfolk Southern railroad.  It sees about 20 trains per day. 

We’ve come here as a result of Hurricane Charlie, and the resulting rainfall. It’s got the whole area soaked pretty well, and the river is very active indeed, with many of it’s feeders at flood stage. The waterfall didn’t disappoint; it was going great guns, and nearly as loud as Niagara. I guess that’s because you can get closer to the falls.

30 years ago this was a favorite spot of mine to bring a date. Sometimes, I’d come by myself. Today, as I have several times over the years, I’ve brought my family.  As I write this, I am near the Mt. Morris Dam, which is a hydro-power project set up in 1948.  The dam has stood the test of every storm it’s ever seen, keeping water flows steady and safe… even during it’s biggest test, which was Agnes in 1972, which while only a Category one storm, flooded huge sections of western NY, both in the north, along Lake Ontario, and in the south, most notably along the banks of the Chemung River.  The Genesee, though, remained pretty much under control thanks to this dam. This most recent storm proved no large feat of control.

It’s worth a couple day’s drive to get to. If you’re vacationing next summer, plan to stop here. If you have some time over the next month of so, the colors at the Gorge are generally spectacular every year. Nothing fake about this place; it’s as real as it gets.

Matter of fact, it’s the fakes that I’ve been trying to get away from, so I can think. I’m referring, of course to the fake documents being promoted as factual by the DNC, CBS and oddly, by the Kerry Campaign.

There has already been much written about this fraud.. most of it online, and damned little of it in the mainstream media. (Fairness… it’s in the front page of the WaPo this morning) The reasons for this lack of coverage are fairly well apparent; The MSM isn’t interested in outing one of it’s own as the purvayors of election fraud.

I’ve been pretty muted about all of this except for the initial story and a stack blowing session or two. The reason is fairly simple. I couldn’t believe that anyone connected with the DNC or with the Kerry campaign, could be quite so outright stupid. More, I found it harder to assume that CBS wouldn’t catch them at it, if they really HAD been that stupid.

Now, let me say that I’ve been working with computers on a daily basis since 1973 both in programming and support. I have in that time been soley responsible for supporting over 500 desktops, and currently support something like 200 servers for a financial institution.  I have been called upon to perform a computer forensic investigation, with legal implications attached to that investigation. I use WORD daily, and have used literally hundreds of word processing programs in the past. I’m also quite knowledable about the state of the art in 1972, having used them prior to getting into computers as a full-time job. After over 30 years in computer support, I figure my qualifications are formidable enough to carry some weight.

Yet, I’ve been over all of the documents in question, and I’m forced by what I see to say flatly; The documents are so laughably bad a forgery that anyone with an understanding of the technology available in the 70’s and today would identify them as such, before they put on their glasses.

The technical thinking behind this point has been written about at great length in many places… The Captain’s Quarters, Q and O, Poliblogger, etc, are a few of a very long list indeed. Even longtime Democrats are forced to report they have some questions about the documents or say, as I do that they are outright fraud. The din on this one will only increase.

CBS is certainly losing any ounce of credibility they ever had, as are the Democrats, who CBS says, supplied them with the forged memos. Yet, CBS sticks with the documents. And most notably, they question why we don’t stick to the questions the documents ask, rather than question the authenticity of the documents… Apparently wishing the American people to ignore the concept that if the documents are fraud, so too are the questions they pose about President Bush.

This is a telling response; They hold their attacks on the President to be of greater import than the truth. Thus giving rise to the question of CBS being a willing party to this obvious attempt at deception of the American voter. To say nothing whatever of the people at the DNC who supplied these forgeries to the network. I’ll say one thing for them, the Democrats and CBS are breaking new ground here.

Coming down here to the park has allowed me to sort out something that’s been sticking in my craw for a couple days, now.

I said at the head end of this that I couldn’t believe that anyone connected with the DNC or with the Kerry campaign, could be quite so outright stupid.  To that, I hold. This wasn’t a matter of stupidity on their part, totally. What it was, was their thinking the American people were that stupid.  And since nobody is around to check the veracity of the reports…. nobody to catch them in the act, as it were, (or so they thought) their goal of getting John Kerry elected President would be simple to obtain.

Clearly, they under-estimated the power of the internet. Then again, anyone who thought such things could be slipped by anyone clearly doesn’t know computers, how could they be thought to understand the ‘net?

In any event; these are not simply stupid acts by the democrats and their partisan buddies over at CBS. These are criminal acts of election fraud against the American people. At the very least, and leaving aside the intent of the forgery for a moment…the forging of federal documents, which these memos purport to be, is a felony, in itself.

Where will this end up? Well… let’s see…

  • Kerry’s lost the election. But he and his supporters knew that, else they’d not have been pushed to try this stunt. the republcians have been given a weapon against the Democrats far more powerful than either knows… one that will last for the next few election cycles, at least.
  • Dan Rather will be gone at the next stockhodler’s meeting, if not before.
  • The Mainstream Media will no longer be mainstream. They;VA made their bed on this one. The American public is at last slapping their foreheads and saying “Oh, THAT liberal media!
  • Bloggers now have a new level of respect among the general public… and will have it for a while. How long is hard to say timewise…. but it will be as long as the bloggers do not abuse the trust they’ve been afforded by force. That trust will be extended only so long as bloggers understand that they have that trust only because the old MSM got stupid and abused that trust while bloggers were waiting in the wings. Bloggers need to recall there are others, including the MSM waiting in the wings to take over, or for redemption.
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