Bit’s Blog of the week comes out each midweek. The qualifications for this honor(?) are rather simple; You need to have attracted my attention for some reason. Being in my blogroll helps, since I visit those on that list each day, but it’s not a requirement. You never know where the fickle mouse of fate will click. This week’s winner is Spiced Sass. I figure honesty like this should be rewarded:

“If the weak, watery sperm of Kos (spit be upon him) were to meet with the spoiled eggs found in the womb of a common, leftist, feminazi slut, their malignant spawn would write like this maggot chewing, phlegm drinking aberration from a whore’s dirty womb writes below. Talk about a child created in someone elses sloppy seconds, this pig and the bitch who birthed him wins the prize.”

Read the whole thing; I was giggling for a half hour over this one.