* Anyone want to start talking seriously about opening up ANWR to drilling? Or do we wait until the price is at $90/bl? How long are we going to let the enviro-wacko left dictate our energy policy, and thereby, our economic future?

*If we’re to take the polling data currently out, it would seem the choice of November has already been made, and the remainder is formality. Yet, given the levels of Democrat vote fraud we’re seeing, we can’t let down the guard.

* Between a heater, and air conditioner, two new vehicles, and a few other items, we didn’t get much of a vacation this summer. We’re looking forward to Columbus Day Weekend, and a trip we’ve planned to Wilmington, and the Jersey Shore. The parks down there oughta be nice and colorful, and we plan some railfanning of the NEC as well. Bits Box is ready to go at last, and I’ve been ready to go for months, now.

*I’m fairly pleased with the new Blog layout, but I’m annoyed that I can’t seem to get the hover colors right, and I’m still trying to decide what to do with that keyboard background in the page header. Since so much of my design is on the re-election, it’ll take some serious work in Mid-November. I suppose it can stay this way till then, unless I get inspired.

* It is hard to imagine anything that frightens me more tha John Kerry in the White House under the terrorist threat we find ourselves in. But there is one thing; Teddy Kennedy as Atty General….