well, ya knew it hadda happen. Now that the false documents being used against President Bush are debunked, some reasoning comes into play… If we asume these forgeries come from the Kerry campaign, what else has Kerry lied about? Captain’s Quarters explores this in some detail.

“Kerry’s campaign has made available two of the three separate citations for the single Silver Star for his engagement of 28 February 1969, the Hyland and Lehman citations (the Zumwalt citation is not provided).

Take a look at the first citation in the scan, which is the older Hyland citation. Two odd observations jump out at me. First, the entire citation is typed in italics, which strikes me as strange, for military use. The second oddity, though, is the fact that this document is also typed in a proportional font with fairly obvious kerning. For a demonstration of how that differs from a standard typewriter product, simply look at the Lehman citation on the second page of the PDF, which uses a non-proportional font.”

Captain Ed wonders if these had been sent out to a print shop as a matter of course. If you have an understanding of these, you may want to go over there and chime in.