The reports;

“WASHINGTON – Democratic presidential challenger John Kerry has signaled a departure in U.S. policy regarding Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

Kerry aides said that, if elected, his administration, in cooperation with the European Union, would offer a deal to Iran that would allow the Islamic republic to retain its nuclear facilities. In return, Teheran would have to pledge to return all imported nuclear fuel acquired for its reactor at Bushehr”

Can someone please remind these blithering idiots…(Kerry and the EU) that the radical Arab worl has invariably gone back on it’s word and flouted any agreements for the last 50 years? What in blue blazes maes them thing anything’s going to change now? Letting IRan operate Nuclear ANYTHING is tatamount to giving them persmission to develop a bomb. What, I ask, would prevent them or any extremist group from skimming off the top of what they ‘returned’ to get what they needed to make bombs?

If there were any doubts about how we needed any proof of Kerry’s idiocy, we have it now.