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Kerry: Still in Saigon… Again.

Since Kerry’s old campaign wasn’t doing so well, he’s trying a new one. Well, an old one, really. He tried dealing with domestic issues but knows he can’t win there. So, he’s run back to Vietnam, again. Did you see him on the TV last night, calling “Unfit for Command” (available lower right column) a ‘pack of lies’?

Hey, Johnboy, if that’s so, then you should have no problem with a lawsuit, right?

I mean, if it’s just so much slander, if there’s no truth oin the book… indeed, if there was one… ONE a single charge in it, that wasn’t true, you could end the whole thing by simply leveling a lawsuit and proving your case, which if what you say is correct, should be easy for someone who went to Harvard Law School, huh?

If there was no truth to the book, how is it that so many of the Kerry campaign’s stories have had to be changed, after the book came out? Bottom line on that is that the charges, you see, are true, and Kerry knows it.

And guess what? Nobody had to forge any documents to make the case against John Kerry. And there’s the key to the American people figuring out who’s telling the truth. The most obvious take on this past week is that Kerry’s people are somewhere near the bottom of this forged document business… at least that’s the perception.

Regardless of who is responsible for the forgery itself, the documents that the Democrats are basing the entire case against President George W. Bush on, are just that; forgeries….. lies. The documents are so laughably bad any 12 year old with a computer could figure out how to do it. 

The SwiftVet’s Book, on the other hand, uses no forged documents to make a very compelling case against John Kerry. In fact, in the telling of the story, the Swiftees reveal some questions about falsifying official records BY John Kerry.

One of the measures of fitness of command is character.  And yes, character still matters to the American people. They will judge accordingly come November.