Yep, that’s what I said… this presidential race is now Bush’s to lose. Barring something really stupid on the part of Mr. Bush’s team, which given the history doesn’t seem at all likely, Mr Bush will win this race going away.

I say this not only on the President’s speechmaming last night, but also on the rambling unfocused, almost catatonic response from Kerry last night. He reminded me of water, looking around for a place to leak in, and not being very successful about it.

And of course the polling numbers are on line with this prediction, as well. Bush will win the popular vote by at least 10-15%. How that will wide a margin of victory in electoral votes is another matter, though.

Watch for Kerry over the next 48 hours to be crying about how Bush and company “attacked my patriotism”. actually, that’s wrong. Mr. Bush and the remainder of the Republcians did nothing of the kind. It’s a fellow Democrat… John O’Neil, of the swiftees who did that.

In any event, I have many thoughts on the matter which are far too long to be butting here. I’m writing it up and will be posting it in my weekly long-form. Watch here for the link, Sunday night.