Hard to believe but it’s already been two weeks since CBS pushed fake docs off on us in an attempt to slight President Bush.

If you’ll recall, almost before the echo had died from the broadcast, a vast majority of those who saw the documents CBS aired, called them fake, phony,a sham. CBS seems ready to admit that they were exactly so. Dan Rather, meanwhile, is still sticking to this story. The stated reason for all of this? CBS goes with the documents because the White House didn’t call them fake. Can you beat it?

So, now, CBS will claim victimhood, and that’s supposed to make everything OK? As the swift public reaction to the documents proved, even the most cursory examination of the documents in question would have revealed that they were, in fact, fakes.  CBS couldn’t do this?

Sorry, Gang. Here’s my call and some of you are not going to like it. CBS knew what they were saying was a lie. But they were willing to lie to the public to advance the cause of getting John Kerry into the White House. Rather hatred of anything Republican and particularly anything Bush, is nothing shy of legendary.

And I’d like you to think about something; Why wouldn’t CBS have coughed up this admission earlier? Simple; they had to cook up this ‘victimhood’ story. There is, you see, only one thing more problematic to CBS than simply having to admit they lied. That being, that the cause they lied for should also be exposed as being a party to that lie. Can you imagine the situation should it be shown that the documents came from a DNC source?

And when this story is really is investigated… if any other news org has the stones for it… which I doubt…  we will find that these documents originated within the DNC, and that CBS willingly participated in a DNC dirty trick… tricks the supposed source, Bill Burkett, was publicly encouraging others to perform.

The story now becomes, (As it has been since the beginning, to my mind) how CBS came by these documents. If CBS is going to claim victimhood, there’s no way around exposing who ‘victimized’ CBS. who fed them these documents. And I’ll say it again, so there is no mistake… these documents were produced with the full knowledge of someone high up within the DNC, and or the Kerry Campaign. There is no other reason at this point for CBS to be protecting it’s source, than this scenario.

Here it is; CBS will tell us who “victimized” them, else the only possible conclusion was that the ‘victimhood’ is another ruse, and CBS intentionally lied to us the whole time, and are now trying to wiggle out of the consequences of being caught in that lie and minimize the damage tot he Kerry Campaign.

We must not let them, if truth is at all on the agenda.

Courage, you know.

PS: If he’s going to do a crow eating session, shouldn’t Dan Rather appear in his PJ’s on national TV?