Hewitt ran a letter from a Marine Corp Major yesterday.

“The US media is abuzz today with the news of an intelligence report that is very negative about the prospects for Iraq’s future. CNN’s website says, “[The] National Intelligence Estimate was sent to the White House in July with a classified warning predicting the best case for Iraq was ‘tenuous stability’ and the worst case was civil war.” That report, along with the car bombings and kidnappings in Baghdad in the past couple days are being portrayed in the media as more proof of absolute chaos and the intransigence of the insurgency.

From where I sit, at the Operational Headquarters in Baghdad, that just isn’t the case”

RTWT…. it’s very much worth it. The press isn’t telling you what the Major is… and the Major, being there, knows what’s going on… and the press…. wellllll…  does the name Dan Rather mean anything to you?