Captain’s Quarters points out this morning another page in the saga of Bill Burkett… the man who fed CBS those fake National Guard Documents… and his connections to the DNC. Captain Ed notes the guy’s lawyer is one David Van Os, who has a serious resume with the Democrats at the County and State levels, as well as, as the Captain puts it, an…

“…interesting item on Van Os’ CV is the final entry, where he notes his assistance in Palm Beach County, Florida, in Democratic efforts for the recounts in the 2000 Presidential election. No doubt that Van Os is well-known for his 30-year party-building work, and as he has now run for the Texas Supreme Court twice (including his current campaign), he has built a strong level of support within Democratic Party leadership.

So how does such a well-connected man within Democratic circles wind up as Burkett’s mouthpiece? “

How, indeed….

It gets better. Captain Ed also points up more connections
Read the whole thing. It’s starting to sound like my original thought about why CBS has been stonewalling this investigation is they knew this was at the upper levels of the DNC. Work the implications of THAT out yourself.