Found this on DizzyGirl, and though this might be fun.

01. What’s playing in your cd player right now? Pick your favorite track and tell us why you picked it.
Well, not a directly fair question.  At the moment, my MP3 player has around 5000 songs loaded in rotation, here at work. (an old computer with a fairly large hard drive… continuous music, I haven’t got to mess with… and nobody can steal my disks this way). At the moment, it’s playing Some George Benson, off the Breezin’ LP.A moment ago, it was playing some Bruce Hornsby, some Bela Fleck, and before that, some Trace Adkins. I’m all over the board.

02. What’s your theme song? Why?
Ooh. Tough one. I would have to say Don Williams’ “Miracles” Read the lyrics; it’s fair self-explainitory.

03. Everyone has one song that takes them back to a particular place, time, etc. I’d have to say Bob Seeger’s LIKE A ROCK. Again, the lyrics explain themselves. Bob’s vocals and Pete Carr’s playing in combo… Ouch.

04. What’s the one song that makes you grit your teeth and bang your head against the pavement? In other words: what’s the shittest song EVER?

Multiple choice question, depening on my mood. Anything by Madoona, Streisand, Dave Matthews, and/or just about anything found on Radio Disney.

05. What’s your favorite song of all time? Why?
That’s tended to change over time. Dave Loggins’ “We’ve Got a Good Fire Going” rates pretty high for my romantic moods. Don Williams covered it a few years back, too, and did a GREAT job with it.

In my bluesier moods, “Stormy Monday” as recorded by MOUNTAIN at the Atlanta pop Fest some years ago. 20 minutes of really great stuff.

If you care to give these questions a crack, the comment section is there…