Captain Ed at the Captain’s Quarters:

“For those of us who remember the Jimmy Carter presidency, this story will come as no shock; it merely reminds us where we’ve heard the (latest) John Kerry war policies before. Speaking at a town-hall meeting on Tuesday and reinforcing his remarks on Wednesday, Carter called for an early withdrawal of American troops in Iraq in order to reduce the insurgency”

Of course this will work to lower the numbers of insurgents, but only because with us and our alies gone Iraq will stand no chance at the moment, to survive as the Democracy most iraqis want.  The Insurgants numbers will be lower because it will take less to take over the country and turn it back into Taliban Central.

As Ed points out:

“Once again, we have Jimmy Carter advocating American withdrawal in the face of the enemy. During his administration, that happened in both our Cold War standoff with the former Soviet Union and in Iran, the birthplace of Islamofascism. Having failed miserably at least twice during his own presidency and once in North Korea during the Clinton Administration, Carter now appears to be Kerry’s leading light on Iraq. “

Tell me, Gang… under Carter… were we more respected in the world, or less?
We were a laughing stock on a global scale after three years of Carter.

Were we safer at home or less?
Less, by far.  And, the world was less safe as a whole, thereby.

What condition was the economy in under Carter?  Can you say “21% inflation?” Can you say “family incomes falling by 9% in the first three years?” I knew you could.

The Carter presidency was a falure of monumental proportions, in every measurable sense, and for those of you who didn’t live through it, a quick and dirty measure of this would be the size of the Reagan Victory after one Carter term. The people didn’t want anything more to do with him.

That Kerry is taking the man seriously should be a warning signal large enough to make even staunch Democrats run away screaming in terror.