Dummocrats.com speaks to the idea that everyone on the right has been buzzing about this. The answer of course is, yes, the document in euqstion was written by MSWord, as several people have been explaining.  One version, which I was in the proecces of blogging, when I got called away…was up over at Powerline. (Works is the curse of the blogging classes!)

Drudge just linked the post, though, and I gather it threw Powerline’s server for a loop… so don’t expect to get in there for a while. I smell a one day hit record in the making at powerline.

Pick up the Dummocrats.com post for all the details. This story is going to get good, very quickly.

I was right, it is. Check this post from Little Green Footballs. also, I’ve obtained a copy of one of the documents and have verified it was written in WINWORD.. something after version 6, I’d say. I’ll post the graphic when I get home.