The Chicago Sun-Times this morning is reporting that the Navy has now gotten into the act rasing questions about Kerry’s medal collection…

….”according to a U.S. Navy spokesman, “Kerry’s record is incorrect. The Navy has never issued a ‘combat V’ to anyone for a Silver Star.”

Naval regulations do not allow for the use of a “combat V” for the Silver Star, the third-highest decoration the Navy awards. None of the other services has ever granted a Silver Star “combat V,” either. “

Well, now, this casts a bit of light on all of this.

Wasn’t there someone who Shot himself just recently over displaying such a medal without justification for it? Boorda, wasn’t it?

Further, Kerry still refuses to release his records. The article suggests the WaPo has been trying to get them from FOIA requests, but there’s still 100 or so pages it cannot touch.

Gee, what could those pages contain, do you suppose?