OTB makes note of the screaming coming from Tom Hayden, who is calling for 1960’s style protests at the RNC.

At the same time, we see the Hollywood left stumping for their boy… well, at least they’re complaining about Bush. Rondstadt, Goldberg, Springsteen, Danny Glover, Melencamp, and now Bonnie Raait (who until last week, I actually had a little respect for…. sad). And now, Sheryl Crow shows up in my mailbox just this morning.

I find the situation remarkably similar to the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago… which it should be pointed out, Hayden was involved with, as well.

Let’s recall the situation in 68.

A quick look at the Stars showing up at the 1968 convention to perform and cheer on Humphrey included Tommy James, pictured at left.. who at the time were seeing some serious record sale and concert success.

James and his band, in fact, spent three months on the road with Humphrey, prior to the convention.

Don’t mistake the support shown Humphrey at the time as a genuine support for the man, himself. It’s not that the entertainers, nor the extremists, for that matter were all that happy with Humphrey at all…. His attempts to come off as “hip” were lame even by the standards of the time. His “youth approach” was cynical in the extreme. He had no serious qualifications for the job, even by Democrat standards, other than he wasn’t Nixon. His ‘Anti-war’ stance was an affected one at best, and would, by most estimates, disappear at the first VC attack.

Outside the convention, of course was another group of people who were simply pissed off the DNC hadn’t gone far enough left for their taste. Back in ’68, most of the leftist nutcases supported Minnesota Senator Eugene McCarthy, whose staunch anti-war stance was turning off most of his own Democrat party… Rather like the Haydens of today, who supported the likes of Howard Dean, isn’t it?


Does anyone recall who got the support of the voters in the general election that year? Hint: It was decidedly NOT Humphrey. The combination of the antics of the leftists, and the bumbling Humphrey, turned off voters in downright huge numbers, and gave Nixon the election.

Like 68, the Hollywood leftists and the whackjobs are at their most strident, and shrill. And yet, it’s not support for John Kerry that drives them… It’s for the defeat of ‘the man’.

Think about it; Is past, prologue?