I’ve been busy with the truck last night so didn’t have much chance to follow up on this story. I will do so today. But while working, last night, I did have the chance to spend some thought on the subject of the Swiftee ad and Kerry’s response to it, along with some of the responses around the right side of blogdom.

It is said that what defines people is not the troubles they are exposed to, but rather their response to them. So it is with the Democrats of today. When faced with the opinions of the people who served with their Candidate, John Kerry, the Democrats label themselves as guilty as charged by their response.

As usual, the Democrats do what they do best in their response.. They lie and twist. As the Human Events article says:

“As their first piece of evidence of the ad’s supposed lies, the DNC/Kerry lawyers claim that the veterans in the ad “purport to have served on Senator Kerry’s SWIFT Boat in Vietnam” but, “in fact, not a single one of the men who pretend to have served with Senator Kerry was actually a crewmate of Senator Kerry’s.” The problem is that none of these men claimed to have served on Kerry’s SWIFT Boat. They simply said they “served with John Kerry” — and they did.

I urge you; read the fax enclosed in the ‘response’ link.

The text in that document makes it blindingly clear that the Democrats are desperate to silence the people that John Kerry served with. Why would that be, do you suppose? After all, Kerry has changed his middle name to “Served in Vietnam’, and centered his entire campaign on that one phrase. It was Kerry has made his service in Vietnam the linchpin of his credentials to be President. (Which by the way, makes one kinda wonder a bit about Hillary’s qualifications when she runs in four years… will her non-military history disqualify her in the eyes of those supporting John Kerry today?)

That he cannot stand up to having that central point questioned in open discussion is to say the least, damning. Kerry knows this, and so do the other Democrats. Their reaction here reminds me of nothing so much as a rabid raccoon that’s been cornered.

Like that rabid racoon, John Kerry’s been cornered by the facts. He’s asked us to judge him by his record, but has fought all efforts to examine that record honestly and openly. His foaming at the mouth response to the facts coming out is the image the American people should carry with them to the voting booth. He knows he’s going to lose when his record is judged as he asked us to do.

Look, I don’t know and I don’t care about backlash of this issue against the Republicans. First, I make no pretentions about how this is going to hurt Kerry among his base… Kerry’s rabidly leftist base disagreed with his even being in the service in any event. His base isn’t moving even should be sudddenly be revealed as an axe murderer. What motivates Kerry’s base isn’t getting Kerry Elected, nearly as much as it is a hatred for George W. Bush and getting him unelected. As such, I expect the net effect to Kerry’s base however this falls out will be zero, and in any case, that simply doesn’t concern me.

What does concern me is getting the truth to the undecideds, and those Democrats with some thread of integrity left… who, as Zel Miller will tell you are getting harder to find.

What concerns me most though, is truth. I’m sure that the truth is paramount.. and when the truth is exposed, it works to the president’s favor. Given the reaction of the Democrats, they’re convinced of it, too.

There are those who will suggest that the vets in question are a little off the bubble, to put it mildly. Their ad campaign is decidedly partisan, it is said. There are those who question the timing of this ad.

But no. what is partisan, what is off the bubble, is the fact that the press ignored their story for so very long. These vets have been trying to get their story out for 6 months, now, and the press who has been trying to get Kerry elected, has been ignoring them. So, the vets put their money up, and started running an ad to get their message out. The timing issue is there because the leftist press has been ignoring the vets for so long… to Kerry’s temporary advantage.

Kerry and his people are screaming now, because that advantage is now all but gone… and legal threats are now the only tool the Democrats have to keep the story from coming out.

Consider, now, those legal threats, in light of the lies of one Rotundo Moore, who has been proven a liar and a slanderer a dozen times over. It seems that the Republicans lack of legal action against Moore was in restrospect, the best thing to do, since it provides a rather stark contrast between the two ways of doing business; Moore’s lies were easily exposed as such, and therefore legal action was not needed. The message of the Swift Vets rings all too true, and legal threats got resorted to as a result of their imability to deal with the message.

I’ll be watching to see this play out, but frankly, I can’t see how the Democrats are going to be able to get anything at all that’s positive out of this.

Meanwhile, make no mistake; I stand firmly behind the vets, here. I do not bend to the will of thugs, which is what, with the fax in the link above, the Democrats have exposed themselves as, to the world.

The Republicans… all of them… should be standing behind these vets, and heeding their message.

I’ll be particularly interested to see the reaction of some of the bloggers who are reading this blog daily.