When you’re already multiply decorated officer as John Kerry is, one generally figures that there is no need for stretching the truth to make your points; what’s on your chest already provides the credibility needed. However, Mr. Kerry is that kind of a person who figures the story isn’t polished enough, isn’t grand enough and needs some embellishment, so as to secure his place in the minds and hearts of those around him.

So, as a result of those added- on bits of story, even without those added on bits not being disproved… Mr. Kerry started looking all too perfect. The truth apparently was strecthed to fit… a little too tightly… and started looking a mite thin in some areas.

Such apparent perfection was particularly troublesome, given Mr. Kerry’s very anti-military and anti-American activities upon returning to the US. These very public postwar actions of Mr Kerry went in exactly the opposite direction you’d expect anyone so inclined to perform as perfectly as Mr. Kerry would have us think he did…gave rise to some questions about his performance during the war.

Then came forward people who were with Mr. Kerry, and are seriously questioning his fitness for office, based on what they saw him doing during the war in Vietnam…  a war on which Mr. Kerry himself had asked us to judge him.

Now Kerry has used the above picture in his campaign.  Only one of the people in this picture, other than Kerry, think Kerry is fit for the office… and sued Kerry to prevent him from using their likeness. They didn’t want their picture used to help him attain the Presidency. And it wasn’t just these people… over 220 people joined in that suit. Of the 23 vets who served directly with Kerry, 19 have signed an open letter, stating

Let’s go further, here, and have a look at the real vets, and what they have to say about Kerry:
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The responses of Mr. Kerry toward these good men who were present at the time gave further rise to the idea that the veracity of Mr. Kerry was in some doubt, and thereby his fitness for the office, as well. He threatened lawsuit to stop them from expressing their opinion. When that didn’t work, he threatened the TV stations that ran the vet’s ad, with the following fax: (Drill each page to get a full-screen view)

Kerry using legal threats to silence the very people he asked us to judge him on does not seem to be a way to engender trust… at least, trust from anyone employing logic. Indeed, it does nothing but confirm what the vast majority of vets who served with Kerry are saying: He’s not fit the office he NOW holds, much less President of the US.

Through these vets Mr. Kerry is now slandering, (as well as other sources, once we started looking) many of Mr. Kerry’s assertions have been found to be flat-out lies.

So it is that Mr. Kerry, and his supporters, find themselves on a downward spiral, with the chances of Mr. Kerry gaining the office he seeks going down with them.

The left, particularly Kerry’s supporters, are in panic mode just now, tossing lawsuits at anyone who questions his ability to lead… Oddly… Based on the very thing that Kerry had asked us all to judge the matter…. That is, the war, and Kerry’s efforts in it.  They all seem determined to cover up all those areas that Mr. Kerry lied about so as to maintain this all- too- perfect picture.

Which brings us back the original point; Why stretch the truth if you’re already decorated, and thereby considered a war hero? It’s the kind of thought that makes one wonder if those honors he threw back and then decided to claim only when it was a political convenience to do so, were themselves a stretch of the truth.  And as it turns out, they have been exposed as exactly that.

And of course there’s the issue with the CIA officer on the ski slope. You may recall Kerry calling his secret service agent a “son of a bitch” after the agent collided, sending Kerry falling into the snow.

When asked a moment later about the incident by a reporter on the ski run, Kerry reportedly snapped, “I don’t fall down,” the “son of a b*itch knocked me over.”

I gather that the Secret Service agent complained about Kerry’s treatment.  I also gather that the day after the incident, curious newspeople watched as Kerry took his snowboard past the 9,000 ft level on Durrance Peak, then snowboarded down the mountain, taking repeated tumbles. Reporters counted six falls in all.

And that was before the Cambodian Christmas lie got exposed.

Does all of this give us a glimpse into the mind of the man asking us for our vote?

It appears so. Mr. Kerry among other things, it shows us that Kerry has a streak of personal insecurity going that is rivaled only by Richard Nixon, on one of the latter’s worst days.  And we know where THAT led us.

Which leads us to ask, if Kerry has something to be paranoid ABOUT.  I’ll leave this to the reader’s imagination, but will point out that by his actions Kerry is indicating that he does.

I will in fairness also point out that as compared to Nixon, Kerry does have better hair, though.