Boortz does this so well, I scrapped what I’d put up, regarding the rather.. ummm… INTERESTING response from Kamp Kerry about the proposed troop re-deployments…

A few days ago President Bush announced a major redeployment of American troops overseas. Bush said that troops would be withdrawn from both Europe and South Korea.  Kerry, of course, being the expert that he is on defense matters and fighting in actual wars and carrying actual guns and all that, had to oppose the President’s plans.  So The Poodle steps in front of a VFW convention yesterday and delivers this line:

 "Why are we withdrawing (he actually said ‘withdrawring’) unilaterally 12,000 troops from the Korean peninsula at the very time that we are negotiating with North Korea, a country that really has nuclear weapons.  This is clearly the wrong signal to send at the wrong time."  John Kerry, August 18, 2004

Well .. that would have been just fine, if it hadn’t been for pesky things such as memories.  Just 17 days earlier Kerry had something completely different to say about troop redeployment:

"I will have significant, enormous reductions in the level of troops …In the Korean peninsula perhaps, in Europe perhaps." John Kerry, August 1, 2004

Man … don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Again, I remind my readers, that this is a plan that’s been in the works since before 9/11. It’s too bad about Mr. Kerry, who was in a position to know about these plans when they were first being discussed… if only we could get him to show up to work once in a blinking while…