Chain mail through my wife. I’ve had no time to check this out, but, it’s great if correct. The note suggested the writer had heard through the grapevine about it but checked it out herself. So she did, and found …

“….that in fact they have extended their program of military pay differential to 36 months.  So they will pay the difference between the reservist military pay and what they would have been paid at Sears.  This also includes allowing Sears reservists who are full-time employees to continue participating in the company’s life insurance, medical and dental programs, if they choose. The company will also hold a comparable position for these individuals for up to five years.

I thought I would pass this along.  It is nice to know that some companies support our military and their families.  The Customer Service Representative who contacted me said that “Sears has a heritage of commitment to families and home. This is a difficult time for military families, and Sears is proud to be able to take these actions to demonstrate support for their many co-workers who are serving our Nation”.

Consider it passed on.

and…. Well Done, Sears.  Your company just went back on my shopping list.