I’m going to come right out and say it. It’s time for John Kerry to come clean with the American people whose votes he’s asking for… nay.. Demanding.

Many questions have come forward of late as regards what has become the center of his campaign for office… questions he’s been less than honest with us about, if the constant revelations are of any indication… the “Cambodian Christmas” thing being the latest in a long line of such.

At this stage of the game, there is only one way for Mr. Kerry to gain the upper hand with the problems that now beset him… if his military records can be verified to be as he says they are. The only reason Mr. Kerry might not elect to release such records… just as the Democrats demanded some time ago that Mr. Bush do when they claimed, without basis that he was AWOL… is if they hide items he’d rather we not know about.

It’s time, Mr. Kerry. Come clean with us.
Or stop asking for our vote.
Don’t the standards you applied to Mr. Bush, apply to you?