Short rant: Registration.
Someone, the other day, ran a bit on their blog about it, and I confess I didn’t read it, rather hearing about it second hand. I don’t even realy know at the moment who it was; though I think it showed up as a part of James Joyner’s daily Traffic Jam segment, the day before yesterday. Maybe not.

In any event, I’ve been thining on that subject, even without actually seeing the article.

I have tended to avoid using sites that require registration as sources, particularly LINKED sources, and then particualrly when there are other sources not requiring such intrusion. I generally avoid using those sites myself, and so have been reluctant to link them… I’d rather such sites didn’t get the traffic. And anyway, I’m not to keen on sending my readers to someplace I won’t go, myself, as a rule.

(I will leave aside for the moment that the biggest offenders, here, are sites owned by the NY Times…and therefore of questionable return for the info invested to begin with.)

Now, someone is going to hit me over the head with this, I’m sure. (Shrug) However, let me state for the record; As a general rule, I won’t link from this blog to sites that require readers to register, offering copious amounts of personal information in return for seeing their advertisments.  I think such sites an unwarranted intrusion, and will not be party to their personal data collection efforts.

I’ve made no secret of my identity, here on this blog, or in my Usenet days, either. I’ve been told that’s not the best policy. But I regard it as honesty, which as the saying goes, is exatcly that. If they’re that interested in me, let them read my site.  But that info sharing is MY choice, and my info to share, as I see fit.

You as a reader shouldn’t be forced to reveal such info, simply to read a news article. And I try not to help them force you. I won’t use sites that require registering.

Which, in turn, brings up the issue of Blogs that require registration for comment sections, and so on. I’ve not thought that one through yet, though I’m leaning at being a little miffed at these, as well… Though I’ll be among the first to admit that the reasons for registering users in that cse are vastly different, arguably more justified.