Yes, dear readers, in answer to all your e-mails… I have indeed made note of a Reuters News Article on Walter Cronkite yesterday. I hadn’t blogged it as yet because I hadn’t stopped laughing, yet.

Most of you noted where Old Pipe and slippers himself notes the tendency of internet folks to ‘smear the innocent via unfounded accusations.”

You’ll forgive me if I don’t stand up and salute on that one. Walter, you did that yourself for years. Only, of course if the targets of that smear were to your right flank. Even in your heyday, you were known as a leftist who showed it even in your supposedly unboased newscasts… someone who intentionally tilted the news to make leftists look better. Chile, as an example.

Anything in pusuit of a leftist agenda.  In fairness, your network, CBS has accelerated that trend since they showed you the door.

Yet, there is one large point being missed here by bloggers and pundits all around the horn this monring on this one… That being that this swan song of yours is little more than a ploy to defend John Kerry.

Bloggers, and news sources like Newsmax and Drudge, are at the moment, the biggest public pressure being brought to bear against the left in general, and against John Kerry in particular.

As a prime example, let’s recall, please, that given the mainstream press wouldn’t go anywhere near the Swift Vets. It was pressure from the internet sources Cronkite decries, which forced the mainstream press’ hand on this… The Vets have been out there since last January. The very same press that had a feeding frenzy on the slightest hint of questions about Mr. Bush’s military history, had an aversion to such questions as the vets brought… likely because they knew the answers wouldn’t favor their boy…. and it turns out the press was right, in their way… the charges against Kerry, as America is discovering, are not unfounded in any way shape or form.

No small wonder then that Cronkite would have such a problem the 5th estate losing it’s monopoly.

Just shuddup, Walter.

Update: Colby Cosh seems to agree. I’ve never had Colby on my ‘must read’ list, but I’ll take a second look, here.