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Interesting read over at Captain’s Quarters ths morning. Turns out the guy they arrested in Lahoe a few days back was more than just a tech, more than just a courier.

“Naeem Noor Khan, 25, alias Abu Talha, arrested in the eastern city of Lahore on July 12, “is in the top hierarchy of Al-Qaeda’s external operations wing,” a security official closely associated with the latest Al-Qaeda swoop told AFP Wednesday.
Khan had not only been creating websites and secret email codes for Al-Qaeda operatives to communicate with each other, he had also actively plotted terror attacks, the official said on condition of anonymity. ”

One other interesting point, regarding the supposedly old documents found on him:

“The data went back three years, but some files had been modified just a few months ago”

Sounds like these documents which contain very specific information on each building are being continuously updated, keeping all this info in the terrorists’ hip pocket, as it were, for use when the call arises.

The CQ article dosn’t mention it, but one can easily come up with the idea that those documents as were recently updated were ones that pushed our people into raising the threat levels against particular buildlings here in the States.

It gets better. This morning, we learn by way of radio reports out of NYC, and now by way of Newsday that at least some of those documents which were updated, suggest an attack in the works for 60 days before the election… the math on that works out for the night President Bush is to accept the nomination of the GOP for a second term. Newsday, apparently is reporting this as well.

By means of the timing of these planned attacks, I guess the question has been answered; The IslamoFascists support Kerry.