WNBCis reporting that:

“McGreevey, a former prosecutor, came into office vowing to end corruption, but in recent months a number of his political aides and fundraisers have been accused of corruption ranging from alleged payoffs to hiring a prostitute.”

Read the whole article. Notice that nowhere in here does it mention what Party McGreevey is from.  Now, since if this were a Republican, the first question being floated by the Press would be how badly this would hurt the chances of George W. Bush…. the lack of such comments… or even mentioning he’s a Democrat.. of course means, he IS a Democrat.

I must confess I’d not been following the developments out in NewJersey. But as I gather it from a freind down in New York, this is someone whose staff are under investigation ever since Jump Street.

According to my source… (now confirmed on the news wires) one of his campaign fund raisers was hiring prostitutes… not for himself, apparently, but rather to blackmail people who would ahve been federal witnesses against McGreevey and his staff. Additionally, there have been several corruption allegations made against himself and his staff.

Something of a pattern is developing here. At the top of the ticket, we have John Kerry, who figures his making a lot of noise about being a ‘nam vet will help make all the rest of the problems disappear. Now, we have McGreevey, who, apparently figures the way out of all of his problems is to wave the pink flag, and scoot?

Amazing. I expect we’ve not heard the last of this one.


I was right. Tom Galvin has extensive links and history on the matter, as does Q&O, where you should note my comments, in their comments section.

Update II: The calls have started to come to resign NOW… says the Trenton Times;

“Gov. James E. McGreevey announced yesterday that he will resign his office effective Nov. 15 “to facilitate a responsible transition.”

Baloney. This governor is conning us yet again. What he means is that he intends to stall his departure for two months to ensure that the Democratic Party keeps control of the governorship until the end of 2005.

That’s unacceptable. Gov. McGreevey should resign at once. If there is any truth to his assurances that he cares about the well-being of the state of New Jersey, he will pack up and go.

The Star-Ledger agrees, saying in part:

“The people of New Jersey will be sorting out the truth for quite a while now. But certainly they weren’t told the full story — “the truth” — yesterday. “

This story is an onion… it has to be peeled away in layers. The first part to be peeled away is the usual levels of deception that is involved when Democrats are in power in the first place.

And then, there’sthe press and it’s proto-typical reaction. Several news articles I’ve seen in smaller papers refer to McGreevey as being wildly unpopular, yet papers like the New York Times and NY local talk radio, and the major broadcast outlest like CNN and PMSNBC continue to paint public opinion as backing him solidly.