is reporting:

A Web page misconfiguration left dozens of the liberal political group’s subscriber pages easily searchable through simple Google queries. Each page included a subscriber’s name, e-mail address and the mailing lists to which he or she is subscribed. CNET confirmed that several related searches turned up more than two dozen individual subscriber pages.

“This is extremely disturbing,” said one subscriber, when contacted through e-mail. The subscriber asked that his or her name not be used. “I’m not sure if I should be worried or not, but I am,” the person said

Now, why would that be a problem for them?

Oh, I see.

Their beliefs don’t stand up to public scrutiny. Those that have advocated, shall we say, certain activities while expressing their hate, don’t like it when people know who they are. People like, say, the cops. Or, friends. Or employers.

Too bad. No sympathy here.
Look up and to the right, and you may notice my name.
If you hold an opinion, have the courage to stand behind it.

And no, there are no freedom of speech issues here.