Chris Lawrence over at Signifying Nothing weighs in on the issue of allowing OSCE monitors for the election.

Like Chris, I’m not overly worried. Yes, I understand very well indeed that OSCE represents a group of people… Europe… who would love to get a leftist in power here in the States.

Yet, I look at this as a double edged sword. If there’s people out there looking for corruption, who knows what they’ll find… like the 130% turnout for Gore in some areas of Phily during the 2000 election… which was found WITHOUT the OSCE being here.

And if the OSCE is overtly biased against the right, well, they’ll expose that for all to see as well, given that they won’t be the only ones monitoring. There will be people watching the watchers, as it were.

Chris also likes to James over at OTB, who has some problems with their being here, as well. Check for my comments on James’ comment section.

Chris’ link to Tagorda is worth checking, as well.

OSCE may be a corruption issue of itself, and it may not. But I don’t think they’re quite so bold, nor quite so stupid, regardless of what they want, vis a vie our government here in the US.