An update to an earlier post, which desrves a whole seperate thread:

AP says::

“Republican Sen. John McCain, a former prisoner of war in Vietnam, called an ad criticizing John Kerry’s military service ‘dishonest and dishonorable’ and urged the White House on Thursday to condemn it as well. ”

…”McCain said that’s all in the past to him, but he’s speaking out against the anti-Kerry ad because “it reopens all the old wounds of the Vietnam War, which I spent the last 35 years trying to heal.”

An odd claim to be making, since Kerry managed to change his middle name to ‘served in Vietnam’ and spent months campaigning on that one point, with nary a peep from McCain. Now suddenly he’s concerned?

How touching.
How uterly transparent.

Don’t do it, Mr President…. Don’t back off these ads. To do so is to back off from the truth, and there’s been far too much of that from the left that’s gone unchallanged.

Stand your ground, Mr. President.

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