Every once in a great while you run across some comment that you know is going to totally offend, be totally inflamitory, and you know is exactly correct, at the same time.Hugh Hewitt strikes such a cord today.


Not a word from the big lefty blogs on John Kerry’s secret and illegal missions to Cambodia that he’s been talking about on the record from 1971 to 2003Atrios, Kos, Josh and Kevin haven’t posted a whisper on Kerry’s excellent adventures across the border.  Let’s guess why: The Kerry campaign has locked up and is not telegraphing the spin it will adopt, so the four horsemen of the lefty blogosphere can’t run with anything for fear of getting out-of-step with the eventual play.

You’re close, Hugh.
I think a closer description of what we’re seeing is passage of the last book of the Lord Of The Rings, as Sauron sees the ring of power from whence he gets all his power is about to be destroyed…the one ring… is poised over the fires of Mt Doom…
(Forgive me any inaccuracies… I’m posting this from my Palm Pilot, and this is from my own memory)

“Then his wrath blazed in consuming flame, but his fear rose like a vast black smoke to choke him. For, he knew his deadly peril, and the thread upon which his doom now hung.  From all his policies his webs of fear and treachery from all his strategems about wars his mind was shook free, and throughout his realm, his slaves quailed, and his armies halted, his captains suddenly steerless, bereft of will, wavered and dispared, for they were forgotten.”

The similarity is striking.
Sauron’s power was drawn from the one Ring. The threat of losing all of his power was enough to redirect his attention.

Kerry’s entire worth as a pol was measured by this ‘war hero’ myth he’s built up around himself. That myth now been impacted and is on the verge of being destroyed, if it hasn’t been so, already. Other matters, including communication with his minions, suddenly lose their import.

Here’s hoping the story works out equally well in the end.
I think it will.