Captain Ed notes this morning that the reason they were at Wendy’s was a photo-op, and nothing more.
Says Ed:

“Those of us who covered John Kerry’s stumble with the Marines at Wendy’s on Friday missed a more significant story, one which highlights the phoniness behind the Kerry/Edwards “men of the people” act. ”

The report picks up from there:

“While Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry and his running mate, John Edwards, and their families were having a “lite” lunch at Wendy’s in the Town of Newburgh Friday, drumming up local support right after the national convention in Boston, their real lunches were waiting on their bus.

The gourmet meals to go included shrimp vindallo, grilled diver sea scallops, prosciutto, wrapped stuffed chicken, and steak salad. The meals came to about $200.”

Ed comes back with:

“I have nothing against Shrimp Vandallo or scallops, or even spending $200 on a lunch from time to time. But making a big show of eating at Wendy’s because it’s an Edwards family tradition, making it a photo op for the campaign, all the while knowing you have a $200 lunch waiting for you … that demonstrates a level of artifice that is not only shameful, but dreadfully clumsy. If nothing else, it shows that Kerry can’t even fake populism effectively.”

Well, you’re right as far as you go Ed, but I think you miss an important point.

The original story that Michelle Malkin linked from the NYPost points out that all the Marines in question serve at nearby Stewart AFB.

Think about it, if you’re running in Kerry’s mindset, what better way to play that up that a photo op with Kerry chatting it up with Military types, in a casual situation? What better way to do that than to park your butt at a Wendy’s just outside the base?

Looks like we’ve caught Kerry in another truth twisting session, gang…