The Truth Laid Bear with the Pen of NZ Bear:

“The even worse news for Kerry is that despite the exceptional job his campaign has been doing at executing political hari-kari, the Bush team hasn’t even started to attack him yet. All the damage thus far has been self-inflicted, or at the hands of the Swift Vets (also arguably self-inflicted, allowing that karma sometimes takes a while to come around — but it does come around). And don’t give me any nonsense about how Bush is behind the Swifties; these guys have hated Kerry’s guts for thirty years, and they show every intention of hating him for thirty more. No, Kerry’s recent Swift-Vet-driven collapse is the political equivalent of a boxer being clocked by a random spectator on his way to the ring.”

A great line, perhaps the best of this campaign so far.

A quick glance at Mr. Kerry shows only a part of how desperate the situation has become for the Democrats.

Comon, Gang… doesn’t anyone actually think before the nomination process goes though? Nah, what am I saying?… these are Democrats.

Seriously, though… couldn’t anyone at the DNC figure out he’d not made peace with the vets… many of whom are Democrats.. including John O’Neil, a leading spokesman for the SwiftVets, by the way? Why on earth would the Democrat intelligentsia have steered him into choosing the 120 days in Vietnam as the centerpiece for his running a campaign?

Well, in fairness, two things should be pointed out;

First, we’re dealing with a time… IE; Post 9/11… when the Military and the judicious use thereof in world affairs gains serious import. And most people, Democrats included undersatand this very well indeed. They’re solidly behind the President’s actions in Iraq. (Thus did all the Democrats running on anti-war stances, such as Screaming Howard lose support, even within their own party…. a point which, given Lerry’s anti-military history, should have been the first clue to Kerry’s upcoming major problems in the general election, assuming any of Terry McAwful’s people were actually watching something other than x-rated web sites…)

And secondl,y Kerry has no Senate accomplishments to run on. 

So, Kerry’s hand has been forced both by his (lack of a) record, and by current events into running a military centered campaign, in which he would lose in landslide proportions.

Democrats are finding out, as the entire country does, that Kerry is foundationally weak. Every position, every issue of the day… and I mean every one, save two, Kerry has reversed himself on. Taxes, Iraq, etc etc.. All of them, he’s managed to come down on both sides of. Not one flip and one flop, but repeatedly.

Oh, the two he’s not reversed himself on? Wanting to be president, and not liking George W. Bush. Trouble is, he keeps changing his mind about why each of those are true, as well.

Oh, and I nearly forgot… there’s one more thing he’s not reversed himself on… the content of his 1971 Testimony before the Senate, wherein he labeled the entire of the US military ‘war criminals’.

All of which adds up to this one immovable, undeniable fact… one even most Democrats are starting to see… They’ve nominated for the office of President of the United States, someone who is fundamentally stupid and shows it each time he opens his mouth. Someone whose campaign is so badly mismanaged by the very same staff whom would all be a part of his administration, one supposes… that such mismanagement ever getting to the White House can only be seen as a disaster for the United States. Someone who has repeatedly been caught in lie after lie after lie. Someone who actually makes Bill Clinton, God save us, look good by comparison.

As the Bear says:

So Kerry, fading in the polls, disliked by the electorate, faces the unappealing prospect of not only the traditional post-convention bounce for Bush, but that the true campaign hasn’t even started yet

All of this, plus the far leftist nuts driving away Democrat voters in NY this week, all adds up to a very bleak picture indeed for Democrats.

By now, the Democrats must be wondering mightily about how they’re going to get out of this with any face left at all.