Ed at Captain’s Quarters makes an interesting point as a part of a larger post… One he himself downplays given that this idea I’ve culled from his post seems buried in the rest of it, but it seems worth some serious thought…

“The Left spent the entire campaign shouting “Bush Lied — People Died!” as a disqualification for the presidency. Now that we’ve determined that Bush didn’t lie, that he represented the intelligence given to him accurately, will the Left hold John Kerry to the same standard? He lied about his Cambodian missions in order to lend credence to his testimony about witnessing systematic atrocities by American servicemen in Viet Nam, leading to our withdrawal — and the genocide that followed.

Kerry lied, millions died. Millions died.

Is that the leadership that the Left endorses?”

It’s true, Gang… Think about it for a second… Does anyone think that Pol Pot would have been able to have done what he did, had the US not pulled out of the region? And why did the US pull out? It was, at least in part, responding to the false descriptions of atrocities spewed by Kerry. How many people died as a result of Kerry’s lies, therefore?